My fridge is leaking water onto the floor. What could the problem be?

Nine times out of ten, leaking water is caused by a blocked drain which can be repaired usually on the first visit. The other problem that may lead to water leakage is a door that is not closing properly.

My fridge has completely stopped working. Can this be repaired?

This is a common problem which is usually the thermostat or defrost time clock, which can be repaired so don't stress!

My door seals are torn and covered in mildew. Do I need new door seals?

Yes. While this may look like just an aesthetic problem the door seals of a fridge play a vital role ensuring the cold air doesn't escape and that your fridge is working at an optimal temperature. Torn and hanging down door seals will lead to an increased energy bill too.

My fridge has become noisy. Should I be concerned?

A noisy fridge generally means that the fan motor or time clock may be of concern, which is a simple repair to replace if needed.

My refrigerator is not working as it should - ice cream is soft, but meat is frozen. Do I have a problem?

Yes - 85% of our repairs are to frost-free fridges which are having air flow problems. This is usually a fan motor, time clock or element which needs to be replaced.